Where & When Did We Start?

We run, jump, push, pull, throw, climb, and lift. CrossClub is 100% scalable to ALL ability levels. Your first workout is always free!

Our facility is located at 22 Queen Street, Kingston, Ontario. The doors have been open to the public since March 23rd, 2014, but our story dates back further. Gym co-founders Sam and Tom began a CrossFit Club in 2012 that has grown into what you see today, CrossClub..

What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is the most effective strength and conditioning program in the world if your goal is improved overall fitness across all types of physical activities.

If you want to be huge and strong, then go to CrossClub and lift heavy weights every day. If you want to be able to run marathons, well then, you should hit the road. If you want to be (well) above average in all things athletic, at the same time, then youʼve found a home here.

Did You Know?

The CrossFit program is designed to be as universal and scalable as possible, which makes it the perfect application for any committed person.

CrossFit makes it possible to practice a fitness that is universal by design. It doesn’t matter what for you’re practicing the CrossFit routine. So whether you’re training for a combat, survival, sports, or life in general, CrossFit will help you. It will make your life and shape better.

Welcome to CrossClub!

Whatever your age or ability we are happy to welcome and coach you.

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